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Well lads Sat night football and early ko happy days . Very healthy turn out at Perth csc last sat night after agm and on that note I would like to thank past president paddy mc Onie and his committee for there efforts last year in the running of the Perth csc For those who don't know I'm back as president this year after a long break We the committee have our first committee meeting this Tuesday night with a lot of fresh ideas to present to the table but these ideas can be put into action if we have the backing of the members so I ask you bhoys and girls come support the club support your committee coz without members we do not have a club lets Get back to what we are used to meeting Celtic family at a Celtic club We cannot control the standard in Scottish football but we can control our club back to a standard that we were the biggest The best in the the Southern Hemisphere and I want that back for the name of this club but no members no club I ask you turn your setanta to record and get down to meet the other members who along with so many who put this club on the map world wide yes bhoys and girls Perth Celtic supporters club C ya there sat night Hail Hail President

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26/08/18 22:00  CELTIC v Hamilton
02/09/18 19:00  CELTIC v Sevco
23/09/18 19:30 Kilmarnock v CELTIC
29/09/18 22:00  CELTIC v Aberdeen -
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